What is the cause of uneven child nails?


1. Nutritional deficiencies: It has been observed that long-term hunger, finger licking or fixation slows nail growth. Raynaud’s disease caused by iron deficiency anemia and limb ischemia can cause nail irregularities. It shows that nail irregularities have a certain relationship with nutrition. In general: the performance of this disease indicates a lack of calcium, protein and sulfur in the body. These nutrients can be obtained from eggs and garlic. Patients are advised to eat regularly.

2, fungal infections: infections caused by not paying attention to personal hygiene can also cause uneven nails. If the symptoms of nails are not only concave, uneven, yellowing, thickening, then must be onychomycosis, which needs timely Go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

3, the weather reasons: the fall has arrived, the weather is getting colder, the gas will become colder and colder in the near winter, the cold can make the blood vessels contract, the blood flow slows down, and the surrounding hypoxic tissue is aggravated, resulting in uneven nails.


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