What is skin peeling?


1, dry skin

People with dry skin are prone to skin and foot peeling. The main reason is that the dryness of the foot leads to insufficient oxygen supply or insufficient water supply to the epidermal cells of the foot, leading to epidermal cell necrosis. The main peak season is the autumn and winter season. Such friends need to drink more water and eat more vegetables, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms.

2,Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a very common fungal skin disease that is common among male friends and is of course common among female friends. The cause of the ankle is mainly caused by dermatophytes. People who sweat are more serious. Athlete’s foot is prone to reproduction and spread. Therefore, such a friend is prone to skin peeling. Be sure to pay attention to the health of your footsteps, wash your feet often, and change your shoes frequently.

3, exfoliative keratin

Exfoliating keratin not only causes skin peeling, but serious friends can also cause pain in the soles and difficulty walking.

4, the body lacks vitamin E.

Friends who lack vitamin E are prone to skin peeling symptoms. The main reason is that the body lacks some vitamins, leading to skin necrosis and peeling. Such a friend suggests that you usually eat more fruits and vegetables, and you can also eat some vitamin E.


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