How to use a humidifier


1. Change the water in the humidifier frequently. Empty the tank daily and replenish purified or distilled water, especially if a cold mist or ultrasonic humidifier is used.

2. Clean the humidifier every three days. When cleaning, use as little disinfectant as possible. Soak in hot water of 60 to 70 degrees, rinse repeatedly with tap water, and then wipe the scale around the tank with a soft cloth. Always flush the water tank after cleaning!

3. The humidifier should be placed in a suitable position. The humidifier is preferably placed on a stable plane of about 1 meter high such that the sprayed moisture is within the range of motion of the body and the indoor air is also more likely to circulate at that height. Keep away from heat sources, corrosives, electrical appliances, etc. Or put it close to where the baby sleeps, but not enough, so the baby can enjoy the comfort of the humidifier, no safety issues.


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