How do people who are too thin increase fat?


1, eat more foods rich in high fat

High-fat foods, including fish, avocados and nuts. Avoid high-calorie sweets, which only increase fat rather than muscle.

2, eat more protein

The most important nutrient for getting a healthy weight is protein. The muscle is made of protein. Without it, most calories may eventually turn into body fat. Studies have shown that a high-protein diet can convert calories into muscle.

But remember, protein is a double-edged sword. It is also highly satiety, which can significantly reduce hunger and appetite, making more calories more difficult. Protein supplements such as whey protein are also useful if it is difficult to get enough protein in the diet.

3, exercise, especially strength training

Diet not only plays an important role in healthy weight gain, but training is also important. Increased strength training will really promote muscle growth, help shape a good body, and try to start with a simple run and slowly increase the amount of exercise.

4, try to eat five to six small meals a day

If a large amount of food is not suitable for you at once, try a more frequent meal. So don’t eat three big meals, but try four to five small meals and slowly increase the amount of meals.

5, avoid junk food

Just because you want to gain weight doesn’t mean an excuse to start eating junk food. It is important to ensure adequate nutrition by eating a healthy diet, rather than taking sugar and unhealthy fats.


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