How do middle-aged people over 40 years old lose weight?


01, breakfast is very important, healthy and nutritious

A healthy breakfast can help people replenish energy that they have never eaten overnight, such as oatmeal or wholemeal bread and eggs. Eating breakfast every day not only has a feeling of fullness, but also helps to lose weight.

02, have a big meal at noon, dinner is very simple

Should the big meal of the day be placed at noon or evening? To have a big meal, it is best to choose at noon. Dinner is as simple as possible, and it is best not to eat it three hours before bedtime, so you can reduce your strength by half.

03, eat fruit every day, nutritious

Eating the right amount of fruit every day can increase satiety, reduce fat intake, and bring vitamins and trace elements to the body. The sugar in the fruit will make you feel good, the calories are lower than the grain, it can be used as the first choice for meals and snacks.

04, middle-aged health, less alcohol and drinks

Whether it’s carbonated drinks, bottled juice or milk tea, the sugar in these drinks is much higher than we think. Not only does it affect weight loss, it also increases the risk of diabetes. It is best to change the drink to water and pure milk.

A glass of beer or red wine contains about 150 calories, and if you drink a lot of wine, it is not good for your health. In addition, alcohol can cause hunger, so you may consume more when you drink alcohol.

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