What is the sweat on the palm?


Sweating palms, also known as hand sweats, are a fairly common functional local abnormal hyperhidrosis. Due to racial traits, young people growing in subtropical regions are particularly susceptible to secretion of this hair sweat gland by sympathetic nerves caused by unexplained sympathetic over-stress (such as nervousness). Summer excitement, stress or high temperature causes an abnormal increase in palm wicking.

According to the survey, the incidence of young people between the ages of 10 and 30 is about 0.3%, regardless of gender, and their family history is as high as 13% (family heritage). Most children suffer from hand sweats and become more severe during adolescence. In addition to hand sweat, hand sweat patients are healthy and normal. Most of them also sweat or sweat, and a few patients still have body odor.

Sweating palms are related to good health, endocrine, etc. A healthy person, even if the body sweats, the palm should be dry. People who sweat frequently don’t have sweat, but his palms are full of cold sweat and feel cold. Eat more warm food to regulate the body, but also strengthen exercise, the purpose is to accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, should have a good effect.


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