What are the benefits of a fitness diet?


In the process of fitness, if you want better results, you must not only do exercise, but also make your diet more even. If the diet is not enough, nutrition is not enough, it will also affect the fitness effect.

There are many things in high protein content. Not only foods that eat animal protein, but also foods that eat plant protein, such as soy products. These products eat fast, and later help everyone need to add protein. After exercise, You need to replenish your protein at most, and the protein itself can help you recover your muscles quickly. More importantly, the soybean bud is rich in aspartic acid, which is beneficial to the metabolism of lactic acid in the muscle, which helps to delay the appearance of fatigue and makes people feel less tired. In general, the best time to replenish is half an hour to one hour after training. If this time is exceeded, your absorption rate will drop. Lean meat, eggs, milk, beans and fish are good sources.

2. Vitamins
Vitamins are things that the body must eat every day. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins. As long as people eat more fruits and vegetables, they can easily replenish the vitamins they need, but everyone will be in a state of fitness. Need more vitamin supplements and should add some vitamins.

3. Sugar
You will sweat a lot after the exercise. When the salt in your body begins to evaporate, you will add carbohydrates before exercise. You will drink salt water after exercise. This is very important. Adding carbohydrates ensures the storage of liver glycogen and helps people prepare for blood sugar balance during exercise. If supplemented after exercise, it can promote the recovery of Sun Yuan and Ganshan Park. The main foods include potatoes, fruits and vegetables, rice and more.

In the course of fitness exercise, there must be a certain nutritional balance. After exercise, you must add some energy and nutrition after half an hour to make the body most beneficial for absorption.


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