What is strength training? What is a common strength training exercise?


1. Difficult to pull
The deadlift should be a sport that everyone is familiar with. Although some people did not touch it, this kind of exercise works well and is called “king action”, so everyone should have heard of it. This exercise applies to many of our muscles, and during exercise, our body releases a lot of testosterone into the bloodstream. Therefore, if you are going to strength training, hard training is one of the most basic exercises you should not miss.

2. Free crowbar
The free squat of the barbell is actually the same as the deadlift above, which can exercise most of the major muscle groups in our body. Because it covers a wide range of aspects, it is also known as Trump’s leg training action and is very popular among modern people. This is very effective if you want to run faster, jump higher or have more leg strength. For women, it also increases the shape of the hips and helps shape the shape of the legs.

3. Dumbbell Romania Rally
This action is actually very simple, but it looks very simple, but if you can do it, it is very good for you, especially for shaping beautiful hips, and during the practice, you can not only train you The buttocks, but also let us have a good waist and exercise, so that everyone’s hamstrings are more flexible.


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