Don’t be confused about the difference between strength training and hiit


Hiit is a weight loss training
HIIT is a weight loss training, so it is not strength training, this is the biggest difference in strength training. There are basically three types of exercise: high intensity intermittent, intense intermittent and developmental intermittent. The first two use propyl phosphate and fast glycolysis To power our body’s system and improve muscle and cardiovascular endurance. Usually they say that the hiit training we mentioned here is the first time, but the exercise intensity is very large, very few people can achieve it. Generally, the heart rate can reach 190 Times, and the intermittent time, the heart rate can also be reduced to 120 times. At least talented people exercise this action.

These two sports pay different attention to physical fitness.
The difference between HIIT and strength training is to increase physical health. First, you should know that HIIT training is a high-intensity but unsupported exercise. Strength training is primarily about building muscle strength, building perfect muscle lines, and a lot of energy supply , so basically two exercises can’t be added together, so your body will consume too much energy.

These two sports have different effects
Most of the time, the focus of hiit training is to help people lose weight. Many people use this activity to replace running. Of course, this activity can only replace fat-reducing running. However, if you only want to lose weight, you The strength training is not the same. Most of the strength training can make you exercise muscles, and it can help you train your muscles better., in terms of exercise effects, the two are still very Different.


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