What are the symptoms of poor liver?


Easy to get drunk

Some people usually have a lot of alcohol, but now they feel “drunk” after drinking a little. This symptom reminds you that liver function is declining, the liver is damaged, and the liver cannot completely break down the alcohol metabolite acetaldehyde.

Black face

The liver plays an important role in the metabolism of iron, and iron is usually accumulated in the liver. If the liver cells are destroyed, the iron in the liver cells will flow into the blood vessels, causing the iron content in the blood to increase, causing the face to become dark. This symptom is most likely to occur in men and postmenopausal women. Therefore, when there is a black sign of the face, be sure to be alert to whether the liver is damaged, and to protect the liver in time.

Increased acne

The corpus luteum hormone in the human body plays a role in promoting the secretion of sebum. The liver can destroy the corpus luteum hormone and adjust the hormonal balance. Therefore, decreased liver function will increase sebum secretion, eventually leading to acne.

Wound easy to purulent infection

The liver plays an important role in the metabolism of the human body. If the liver function is impaired, skin regeneration will be hindered. In addition, the detoxification function of the liver is likely to cause wound infection bacteria.

Nose hair red

The so-called “red nose” is formed by the expansion of the capillaries in the nose. Although the “red nose” is not necessarily caused by liver damage, women are prone to “red nose” when liver function is reduced and hormones are disordered.


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