Spicy is a pain! no taste


The so-called “sweet, sweet, bitter, salty”, most of the time we think that spicy is a taste, but strictly speaking, spicy is not a taste, but a painful feeling – it is mainly stimulated by the receptor protein The neural pathway that delivers fiber pain is perceived.

In our mouth, there is a receptor protein that binds to capsaicin. When we eat spicy, the capsaicin contained in the pepper binds to this receptor, stimulating our painful nerves and passing them to the brain. So we have a burning sensation after eating chili.

Although peppers contain a lot of nutrients, they are too irritating due to their capsaicin. If they are eaten in excess, many people can’t stand it. Eating spicy food properly can regulate and digest food and promote blood circulation, but excessive consumption of spicy will not only cause our acne to harm our stomach.


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