Always stay up late, pay attention to these dangers!


1. Often stay up late at night, the heart gradually weak.

The human heart is always at work. It just waits until the person falls asleep. Your heart rate and blood pressure will drop slightly and remain stable. If you stay up too late for a long time, it is equivalent to depriving the heart of rest time, increasing the burden on the heart, induced hypertension or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

2. Often stay up late, decline in renal function.

According to the study, those who regularly stay up late or don’t sleep well have a higher risk of kidney disease, such as uremia, mainly because when they stay up late, the risk of proteinuria increases and kidney function declines faster.

3. Often stay up late and pay attention to the brain damage

During the day, people experience long hours of mental labor, and at night they need a good sleep to restore the vitality of the brain. If often stay up late, it is easy to affect the brain metabolism, damage the nervous system, resulting in mental tension, poor state, physical and mental fatigue, affecting the efficiency of work and study.

4. Stay up late, pay attention to the cancer

Studies show that night shift workers have a 1.2 times higher risk of breast cancer than the general population. Melanosis in the body has the function of repairing DNA. If you stay up late, melatonin production is reduced, disrupting the DNA repair process. This may lead to cancer in the long run.


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