Why did I wake up with a dry mouth?


1. Air drying

In some places, the evening air is dry. For example, in the northwest and elsewhere, if there is not enough water before bed, it may cause dry mouth because of dry air. According to scientific calculations, adults need to maintain a balance between water and body consumption at least every day, that is, no one should drink at least 1500 milliliters of water every day. If you drink too little, it dries easily.

2. Sleeping Posture

Some people like to sleep on their side or side. What happens? That’s drooling. What happens when drooling? One of the reasons is sleep problems. When saliva continues to flow out and the mouth is not controlled by the brain, it always secretes saliva, so the water in the body is quickly consumed. That’s one of the reasons why the mouth wakes up and sleeps dry.

3. Low indoor humidity

When we sleep in a relatively closed environment, if the air circulation is not good, it is easy to dry mouth. The most typical example is that even if you don’t sleep, you will stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time in summer. I feel dry. In winter, people like to sleep with doors and windows closed. The air circulation is very poor, the humidity is very low, and then dry mouth is very normal.


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