1.Tasting food
Saliva plays an important role when people taste food. It moisturizes food, helps food enter the esophagus, acts as a “taste solvent”, and delivers the taste of the food to the taste receptors, allowing people to taste the beauty of the food.

2. Antibacterial
When you are a child, if you are injured somewhere, your grandmother likes to use saliva to help you smear the wound? When the dog on the side of the road hurts, do you like to use your tongue to lick the wound? In fact, this is not disgusting. White blood cells are contained in saliva. Applying saliva to the wound can prevent infection and help the wound recover as quickly as possible.

3. Prevent tooth decay
Saliva contains ingredients that strengthen the teeth, but it also resists bacteria and prevents tooth decay and dental caries. Chewing gum properly can stimulate saliva secretion and protect oral health.


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