Sleep quality index


1.Sleep in half an hour
People who are difficult to sleep often find it difficult to sleep well. If you can fall asleep in half an hour, it means that your sleep has a good start. If you can fall asleep within 15 minutes, this means you may have an efficient sleep. But if you always lie on the bed and turn to sleep, you may have a bad sleep experience in the future.
2.No fight
Some people say that sleeping at night and snoring means sleeping deeply, which means that the quality of sleep is high. On the contrary, snoring is one of the main manifestations of poor sleep. Some studies have found that people who have been snoring for a long time usually develop sleep apnea syndrome, which causes apnea throughout the sleep process, resulting in a decrease in oxygen in the blood. If the oxygen in the brain is reduced, its function will be weakened, making people dizzy, and the spirit will be dispersed the next day. Those who don’t fight say that there is no apnea, and apnea ensures that enough oxygen enters the brain, maintains brain function, and makes you feel refreshed when you wake up the next day.

3. After getting up, I feel refreshed.
One of the most intuitive criteria for judging sleep quality is the feeling when you wake up. If you wake up to feel more energetic, happier, have enough motivation to go to work or class, and feel comfortable, it means you have a good quality sleep. On the contrary, if you wake up, your eyes are open, dizzy and tired, you didn’t sleep well last night.


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