Will the gap change after washing the teeth?


After washing the teeth, the gap will not heal. This is not to say that brushing your teeth will cause the gap to widen. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, the stones will accumulate, the gums will atrophy, periodontal disease will further develop, and ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Some people feel toothache, persistent toothache, enlargement and loosening when brushing their teeth because of periodontal disease. Usually, the teeth are surrounded by dental stones. After cleaning the teeth, remove the calculi and make the natural dentin become larger and looser. Tooth washing is an important means to prevent and treat periodontal disease. It is necessary to brush your teeth regularly.

It’s still necessary to brush your teeth, even if we stick to brushing every morning and evening, it’s still necessary to brush your teeth. Because when we brush our teeth, we can only brush the three sides of our teeth. It is difficult to clean the deep crevices and to brush away the stones. If we master the correct method of brushing teeth and use floss and seam brush every day, we can clean teeth from inside to outside, and we can also reduce the number of teeth washing according to the situation.


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