How did your eyes swell in the morning?


Most of the morning swelling is caused by the accumulation of water and blood around the eyes the night before, so don’t drink water or eat too salty food after 10 o’clock.

Most eyelid edema is normal after getting up in the morning, because it is lying all night, body water and blood are sinking near the eyes, causing edema. Anyone will have this physiological phenomenon in the morning. Generally speaking, you can find the causes of eye swelling from the previous day’s activities, such as drinking water before going to bed, eating salty food, feeling depressed all day, or staying up until midnight. Severe edema will disappear because the fluid will be reabsorbed by the body in a few hours.

However, if you go to the workplace, you will still be shocked, your eyelids will swell up and you can’t flinch. This should draw attention. At this time, in the cause and effect of eyelid edema, people first think of nephritis. After nephritis, tiny blood vessel walls easily permeate water from inside to outside. In this way, the adipose tissue and the thinner part of the eyelid accumulate water. This is the physiological mechanism of eyelid edema caused by nephritis.

In addition, eyelid edema often occurs when heart function is abnormal. However, if it is the cause of the heart, edema usually occurs in the legs and feet. Therefore, not only the eyelids but also the legs and feet should be examined at this time.


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