Adults lack sexual life. Pay attention to these physical problems!


1. Slow sexual desire. Generally speaking, if adults lack sex for a long time, they will be more eager to have sex. Sexual desire and sexual impulse will be enhanced. But there are also exceptions. If some people stop having sex because of lack of partners, they may also lose their sexual impulse and have a dull libido.

2. Depression. The quality and frequency of sexual love can directly affect people’s spirit. When having sex, the two sides will make the body produce endorphins and oxytocin by caressing and kissing, which will make people feel better. If adults lack sex, natural mood regulating substances will be reduced, emotions can not be regulated, and people’s mood will easily be depressed.

3. Vaginal wall thinning and weakening. If perennial women lack sex for a long time, it may make the vagina thinner, weaker, drier and astringent, and also lead to a decrease in private blood flow, the so-called “use in advance, waste in retreat” is the truth. And if women maintain regular sex life, occasionally intimate with their lover, can make the reproductive organs more lubricated and flexible.


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