The advantage of protein powder is who is suitable for supplementation?


Protein powders have the advantage of being able to supplement high quality proteins inexpensively compared to foo. If you think that the protein powder you buy is more expensive than the protein rich in the same protein, then you have to be fooled, usually the fitness group will eat. Contain

s about 60% whey protein per 100 grams of protein

In addition to cheap protein supplements, another feature of protein powders is convenience. It does not require cooking. It can be drunk with water. It is also a postoperative nutritional supplement for patients (only liquid foods can be eaten). a good choice.

Another protein powder consumer is the fitness group. Many fitness people believe that protein powder helps increase muscle mass. Many people on the Internet believe that drinking protein powder has an impact on muscle building. In fact, this is a very ignorant idea of ??protein powder. Adding protein has no other effect.

For many people, protein powders must be used to make a difference. The statement was mainly due to the promotion of brand owners, lack of scientific basis, and confused the absorption rate and utilization rate of protein powder and protein.


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