Patients with kidney deficiency often have six abnormalities in their bodies. If you don’t accept it, congratulations!


1, getting fat

Some people will find that their food intake does not change much, but their weight is rising. Even if you increase your exercise intensity, your weight will not drop significantly. At this point, it is necessary to consider whether the kidney is weak. Kidney deficiency can easily cause obesity. This type of obesity is very unhealthy and patients often feel tired.

2, frequent urgency

The typical manifestation of kidney deficiency is urgency. Patients often have a sense of urine. Even if they don’t drink much water, they always want to go to the bathroom. Kidney deficiency can directly affect urinary system diseases, which can lead to urinary system diseases such as prostatitis. When the kidneys are severe, it can cause infection and aggravate urgency.

3, afraid of cold

People with kidney deficiency are very afraid of colds, and the temperature is appropriate. They always tremble and have to wear a lot of clothes. In addition, people with kidney deficiency can have diarrhea when they have a cold, which can easily cause trouble.

4, dark circles

 black is related to the kidneys, and dark circles are usually caused by kidney deficiency. There is a saying called “long-term kidney”, which means that many diseases can not be cured for a long time, and will accumulate in the kidneys, causing dark circles.

5, dizziness and weakness

Kidney deficiency has a lot to do with other organ diseases. If other organs have diseases, it may cause kidney rupture, leading to kidney failure, kidney deficiency, and abnormal symptoms such as dizziness and insomnia.

6, back pain

Kidney deficiency can be expressed as back pain, often pain after exertion


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