In addition to kidneys and whitening, is it good for the body to eat “sea cucumber”?


Sea cucumbers are actually widely distributed echinoderms found in all oceans. In general, there are only a thousand sea cucumbers. Sea cucumber has a refreshing taste and praise for health functions. It has become a “high” supplement, not only sea cucumber, but also various health products about sea cucumber. The child is very hot. Do you often eat sea cucumber for your body?

Sea cucumbers are said to fight cancer and the kidneys. The most direct cause is attributed to “sea cucumber saponin” and “seafood polysaccharide”. Scientists have used these substances to prove some of the effects of animal experiments; but it is important to understand that these so-called influential substances are themselves a substance that is ubiquitous in animals. Not only does it exist in sea cucumbers, so sea cucumbers don’t look so magical.

Due to the common dry ginseng, cooking, boiling, hair, cold water soaking in the cooking process, the water content is greatly increased (about 90%), but most of the nutrients will be lost, the protein content is only 6%; only half of the egg protein content . Compared with sea cucumber, the protein in the egg is more in line with the human amino acid model; therefore, eating one egg a day is better than eating a high price sea cucumber.

Regarding “sea cucumber”, please treat it fairly and scientifically. No magic, no high end. In a sense, food can’t be said to be a tonic; eat it, but don’t be superstitious. Enjoy life and hope that you can “see the truth.”


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