1. Do not eat breakfast

The reason for not eating breakfast is that the first reason for aging is because human aging not only refers to the skin, but also the brain, internal organs, bones and blood vessels will age because they do not eat breakfast.

2. Fasting movement

With the change of modern people’s health concept, everyone is more and more active in sports. But don’t run on an empty stomach in the morning. First of all, the morning gastrointestinal tract is in a fasting state, the body’s blood sugar is relatively low, prone to insufficient blood supply, such as dizziness, dark circles and other issues. Second, fasting exercises can increase the burden on the heart and liver, and can even lead to problems such as arrhythmia and sudden death. Therefore, morning fasting exercise is not good for health, leading to physical aging. Half an hour before running, you can eat and replenish moisture in moderation to provide some energy for exercise.

3. Do not drink water

The body is also often metabolized at night, especially when skin cells are metabolized faster. If you don’t drink water or drink less water in the morning, your body is short of water and water, not only the intestinal toxins are difficult to discharge, but also pigmentation problems. At the same time, wrinkles and fine lines may appear on the body due to lack of water.

4.Wash your hair every morning

Shampoo not only makes the brain more awake, but also has clean hygienic behavior, but shampooing every day can reduce the oil secretion of the hair itself, making it easier to dry, split and dull. Due to excessive frequent shampooing, even the skin of the scalp will dry out, causing skin damage. Therefore, it is not recommended to wash your hair every morning, but you can choose to wash 1-2 times a week. If it is oily, you can wash it a few times.


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