Is the enzyme a perfect diet food?


In China’s health care products market, not only the elderly are the main consumers, but many young people are now deeply involved. They think that health care products are good for the body. In fact, health care products are not suitable for everyone, and the quality is uneven. Many health products are rumored, but many people have been deceived.

1, enzyme weight loss does not depend on:

Japanese enzymes are mainly derived from fermented vegetables and fruits. They sound like healthy ingredients, so many people have a good feel for enzymes and think it is safe. But in fact, the main components of the enzyme are amino acids and peptides. Some enzyme products also add a certain amount of vitamins, and the enzyme is almost left in the fermentation process.

2, medicinal drinks are healthier:

If you have chronic diseases such as liver and kidney problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Drinking more will worsen your condition and threaten your health. In addition, it is a three-point drug that can easily cause damage to the body. In addition, medicinal wines brewed from their own homes are difficult to meet hygienic standards and may produce harmful substances or bacteria during the brewing process, leading to poisoning.

3, blood sugar lowering health products do not reduce sugar:

In fact, whether it is to treat diabetes, high blood pressure or other diseases, can not rely on health care products, but through regular control of diet, exercise, drugs and other means to improve. Health supplements are expensive but do not guarantee quality. Don’t delay regular treatment, cause more damage to your body, and lose too much.


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