Bad emotions can affect your health


1.Digestive system

Among all psychosomatic diseases, gastrointestinal diseases rank first, such as gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers. This is because, in the face of strong work pressure, your stomach becomes sensitive and fragile. Therefore, many people encounter stomach problems, diarrhea, and inability to eat in the event of an accident, interpersonal tension and intense work.

2. Endocrine system

A common scapegoat for emotions is the endocrine system, especially the gonads and adrenal glands. For example, after losing love, my face is full of acne. Every day I work overtime to treat menstrual disorders, all because of the problem of sex hormone secretion. The adrenal glands responsible for the “spirit” cannot survive. When a person encounters a sudden stimuli, the frightened emotion immediately “notifies” that the adrenal glands secrete a large amount of adrenaline. Over time, it produces the degree of excitement that ultimately leads to disease.


3. Skin

When the scalp is itchy, the scalp is itchy, when you feel irritated, dandruff will increase, when you sleep well, your hair is very angry, or urticaria, eczema or seemingly common acne or sebum, may be long-term Caused by bad emotions. as a result of.


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