After eating breakfast, exercise is equal to white practice?


Morning is the beginning of the day. When this energy is sufficient, the most indispensable is a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Breakfast accounts for 1/3 of the whole day. Eating a nutritious breakfast can provide a good start for our meal. This is not a very difficult thing for people with healthy habits in their daily lives.

From a basic theoretical point of view, if we exercise on an empty stomach and eat food to exercise, the former may cause the body to consume more calories. But in terms of fat consumption, both have no significant effect on weight loss.


Also because of your practice, the body does not have the best training effect. In addition, there is another factor that cannot be ignored. After returning from an empty stomach, it may be because the body consumes too much energy, so you can eat more food, which is not conducive to people’s ability to control food.

If you really want to lose weight, you may want to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast such as eggs, whole wheat staples, mild nuts, half of fruits and vegetables, and a small amount of meat. In exercise, the ability to exercise muscles can help you better train the triceps and biceps that adults appreciate.

In daily life, not everyone is suitable for morning exercise. Especially for patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, due to high blood pressure in the morning, it is easy to be detrimental to blood pressure during exercise.

Therefore, when you encounter this situation, you need to choose whether to do morning exercises according to your own situation. Of course, if you can’t exercise, it’s good to go out and breathe fresh air in the morning.


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