How to prevent leg cramps in life


1.Stretching muscles

Stretching the gastrocnemius and foot muscles before going to bed helps prevent sputum first. The stretching method is the same as stretching the gastrocnemius muscle and the foot muscle when the leg is contracted. It is also possible to place the front of the foot on the first step of the stair step and then slowly press it against the heel so that the heel position is lower than the step position. People who are paralyzed at night should pay special attention to keep warm and try to stretch their muscles before going to bed, especially the muscles that are easy to lick. Pregnant women should change their posture frequently and exercise once every hour. You can wash your feet and calves with warm water before going to bed. You can also add nutrients such as calcium to your specific needs.

2. Diet should use foods with high calcium content and balanced nutrition.

Such as milk, drink a cup of milk before going to sleep has obvious curative effect; eat some soy products or kelp can also make calcium; add calcium, calcium powder, calcium bicarbonate, etc. in the food; under the guidance of a doctor, take calcium gluconate tablets Calcium mother, calcium lactate and other calcium-containing drugs. At the same time, pay attention to eating more foods containing vitamin D. Calf sputum is usually caused by loss of calcium caused by osteoporosis. The most effective calcium supplementation method is a combination of aerobic exercise and strength exercise. In addition, increasing the intake of dairy products in the diet can also easily supplement calcium.

3. Ample water

If you have a lot of activities (including walking, tidying up the garden, doing housework), you need to add liquid to avoid dehydration, but don’t overdo it. A large amount of fluid can dilute the sodium concentration in the blood, which can cause various problems, including muscle spasms. How much water you should drink depends on the amount of activity you have and the food you eat.


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