Long-term low-headed mobile phone hazard


1, damage to the cervical spine.

People who have played mobile phones for a long time, the neck muscles can not get rest, the neck nerves and blood vessels will also be squeezed, which has long led to cervical degenerative diseases.

2, hurt the eyes.

Looking directly at the screen for a long time can cause intense irritation to the eyes, causing eye muscle fatigue and decreased vision. Especially in a dim environment, playing mobile phones for a long time is more likely to cause myopia, which may lead to dry eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, retinopathy and other diseases, and may even cause macular edema, resulting in permanent damage to the eyes.

3, autonomic disorders.

Long-term paralysis can lead to autonomic disorders leading to insomnia and long-term effects on the brain. Second, over-reliance on mobile phones can also lead to psychological cognition and emotional problems. Anxiety and depression can lead to a deterioration in social skills. Colleagues, friends and relatives have fewer and fewer topics, and speeches are often perfunctory, people and people. The feelings between the days are getting colder and colder.

4, it is easy to cause an accident.

In addition to adversely affecting their own health, low-end people are also prone to traffic accidents and endanger others. Not long ago, our department recognized a young woman with a high paraplegia. She was killed by a low-end phone in a high-speed car. When the brake is suddenly applied, the cervical vertebrae immediately hits the front backrest due to inertia, and then rebounds violently, causing cervical spine fractures and quadriplegia. Although he saved his life through rescue, he can stay in bed for a long time.


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