How to prevent heat stroke in the hot summer


1. Supplementing protein In the summer, the human body consumes a lot of nutrients and the metabolism is strong. Therefore, foods rich in high quality protein and easy to digest must be eaten;

2, summer vitamin supplements, the body’s vitamin requirements are twice the standard or more, so you can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits;

3, drink more tea. The researchers measured measurements of two groups of people who drank warm tea and alcohol in hot weather, suggesting that warm tea can reduce skin temperature by 1-2 degrees, while cold drinks only cool the mouth. People who drink tea feel cool and comfortable, thirsty. Eliminate, drink cold drinks, the body is not smooth, and thirst has not disappeared. High-temperature workers, if they can add some salt to warm tea, to make up for the salt lost due to excessive sweating, it is more conducive to prevention of heat stroke.

4, eat more fruits. Melon juice is sweet and sweet, not only to quench your thirst, but also to clear the heat. Watermelon is sweet and juicy, and is the first melon to quench your thirst. In addition, melons and cucumbers have a good heat-clearing effect after washing and eating or after drinking juice. Kiwifruit contains a lot of vitamin C, which has good calories and heat reduction. It is a fruit and drink that is often used by high temperature and field workers.

5, eat more green vegetables. The weather is hot and humid, and people generally like to eat light, non-greasy food. Green vegetables have this characteristic and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, you should try to eat more vegetables, such as a variety of beans, melons, cabbage, parsley and so on. It can be eaten with cold or a small amount of lean pork.


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