Do you know the symptoms of tooth aging?


1, sensitive teeth

It is characterized by eating hot and cold sweet and sour foods, very sensitive teeth, pain and pain. The reason is that the tooth tissue on the surface of the tooth wears for a long time, causing deep teeth closely related to the nerve to be exposed to the oral cavity, and food stimulation is transmitted to the nerve along these channels, causing pain. Therefore, first of all, you should eat less irritating food, and secondly, you should use tools to eat too hard shelled food, but also change the habit of brushing your teeth horizontally.

2, the tooth surface is dull, crack

This is a manifestation of “dental mineralization” caused by the loss of enamel on the surface of the teeth in the oral acid environment, which exposes the dentin directly to the oral acid environment. In addition to the teeth becoming brittle and ruptured, teeth can also appear. The table is discolored, dull, etc. This situation is more important for young people. In order to prevent mineralization of teeth, it is necessary to change the oral acid environment, drink less carbonated beverages, treat tooth decay in time, and directly bite hard shell food with small teeth to avoid tooth decay and tooth breakage.

3, bad breath

Have a big breath or bad breath in the mouth for a long time. If it is not caused by a disease of the lungs or stomach, it should be considered due to oral problems. First, the broken teeth should be treated. After a meal, the teeth should be flossed and occasionally the gums will become inflamed. Floss should be used to treat areas of inflammation of the teeth. Proper medications can be used to eliminate bad breath.

4, loose teeth

If the gums are red and swollen, the gums are touched, the teeth are loose, or the roots are exposed, it can be judged that it has developed into periodontitis. Most periodontitis is caused by poor oral hygiene and long-term accumulation of bacterial stones. Stones can irritate the gums and cause inflammation. Therefore, you should pay attention to oral cleaning, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth after meals, and quit smoking to improve your oral environment.


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