How to look at the spleen and stomach from the tongue


1. The tongue is black and sticky.
If you only see this abnormal tongue and tongue tip reddish, and there is no other obvious discomfort, it sometimes belongs to the “staining” phenomenon. The above situation is not morbid and there is no need to be nervous. However, patients with severe stomach problems should be alert to black moss. If the tip of the tongue is dark red or even blue and purple, it indicates that the situation is getting worse and you should go to the hospital in time.

2, the tongue is thick, there is a tune
If a person has a thick tongue and color throughout the year, it usually indicates a problem with the stomach. If there is no other uncomfortable feeling at the moment, you can start with diet and life. After a period of recovery, the tongue and breathing abnormalities are expected to heal.

3, red tongue, thick moss, constipation
Some people do not understand bowel movements for a few days, bad breath, thick tongue, red tongue, yellow urine, this is stomach fire. The stomach is hot and the turbid gas is reversed and fumigated. Therefore, it causes bad breath, yellow tongue coating, heat damage and weak intestines, so the stool is dry. At this time, you can take rhubarb, berberine, astragalus, hawthorn and other traditional Chinese medicine to remove heat and diarrhea. In the diet, you should avoid drinking alcohol, eat spicy hot foods, such as peppers, lamb, etc., eat more vegetables, fruits and light food, drink more. water.

4, tongue purple
When the blood contains a lot of waste and the water supply in the body is insufficient, the hypoxic blood and the oxygenated blood will mix together to make the blood vessels purple. If you have purple hair in addition to your tongue, you will feel stiff shoulders and low back pain just to show that the toxins in your body have been deposited too much! Can insist on losing weight for a week, do sauna, keep regular, mild aerobic exercise, toxins can be quickly discharged.


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