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Go to Cluck2Go in pasadena for your favorite seafood chicken and rice.

What it is: owner qi Yang and his daughter Jenny Yang opened a Cluck2Go restaurant in pasadena, near pasadena city college, more than a month ago. In Roland heights, the fatherhood team also has complete zen food. Cluck2Go specializes in hainan chicken and rice, a classic dish from China’s southern island province of hainan that includes stewed chicken and white rice, as well as chili and ginger sauce. Before opening Cluck2Go and Man Chan Cuisine, Mr. Yang and her father invested in Asian fast food restaurants in Torrance and Arizona.

Where you are, to the west of the Allen street restaurant next to the Colorado boulevard is A game center (with the children playing board games and trading CARDS), and some restaurant chains (Chick Fil – A, Panda Express, Carl ‘s Jr.). It’s a small, casual store with tables and little decoration.

What are you eating: you’re here with hainan chicken and rice, one of the most comfortable dishes ever. The recipe developed after the owner took over Man Chan Cuisine from its former owner in 2012 (it’s on the menu there and is now the focus of Cluck2Go). Jenny says she and her father saw a lot of things they needed to change in the restaurant, including chicken. “They are using frozen chickens,” Yang said. “We agree that if we want to do better, we must use high-quality materials.” So they worked with winley farm in chino to get fresh birds. Her father also traveled to Singapore and Taiwan, where he studied chicken and studied recipes.

Jenny says the version is better than most, with lemongrass, ginger and “a lot of other southeast Asian spices.” Then chicken soup and chicken, steamed all day. He seasoned the rice with lemongrass, stir-fried garlic and ginger.

Juicy chicken – the internal result of poaching – gravy flavored with lemongrass. Stack the plates with rice and cook with garlic and ginger until soft and filled with chicken. This dish is served with a bowl of clear soup-lighter fluid than greasy soup-to sip or soak.

Chilies and ginger sauces carry chicken and rice, just as you might have eaten chili elsewhere, such as savoy, a hainan chicken expert in arahram. Both sauces contain ginger, but Chile and chili are both vinegar. The combination of chicken, rice, chili and ginger is addictive.

You should also order this: Yang and hainan chickens are good at cooking chicken wings. Honey and garlic chicken wings are crisp and sticky, reminiscent of Korean scuba diving wings – a perfect prelude to chicken and rice. You can also order hainan chicken soup. Steamed chicken stock, thick chewy noodles and cabbage soften the leaves.

A bowl of hainanese chicken soup from Cluck2Go is in pasadena. (Stan lee)

They may be listed as appetizers, but you may want some Fried bread and dessert. The knot of the Fried dough is soaked in a cup of sweetened condensed milk on the side of a good fluffy doughnut.

And: if you want a cup of boba Tea, you need to walk down the street to the Au79 Tea Express. But Cluck2Go does serve winter melon and chrysanthemum tea. If you have to eat Fried bread in real coconut as an appetizer, coconut jelly dessert.


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