How the immune system works with charts


You have a magnificent mechanism in your body called the immune system.

How the immune system works with the lymphatic system is complicated. However, this is an easy way to understand the immune system.

The goal of your immune system is to keep you healthy and protect against all the viruses, bacteria, microbes, parasites and toxins that are mildly occupying your body.

Want to know what your defense system is doing right now?

Once a person’s lymphatic and immune systems disappear (when they die), the invasion of these parasites and microbes begins. In just a few weeks, nothing was left but the skeleton.

What is your immune system for your health?

Now that you fully understand your inner immunity, let’s simplify what it is and how the immune system protects you.

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. Both work together to protect you from disease and illness. The lymphatic diagram below shows a large lymphatic network throughout the body.

Lymphoid is a clear liquid that helps fight infection and disease by carrying white blood cells around the body’s lymphatic vessels.

Hydrated lymphatics cleanse your tissues and distribute nutrients to your cells. After nourishing cells, lymph collects waste and foreign matter, carries lymph nodes and filters out harmful microbes and toxins.

Lymph nodes around the neck, armpits, groin, chest, abdomen, and body. When they actively fight infection, they often swell.
Your immune system is made up of complicated soldiers. They include lymphatics, spleen and thymus glands, prostaglandins and histamines, bone marrow, and a trillion different cells, such as T cells.

But your skin is the most important part of your immune system. Like a fortress wall, it USES natural acidity to keep out harmful pathogens, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

How does the immune system work for your health

All parts of the immune system work together to protect your body from invasion. This is your own private defense department.

The immune warrior is trying to take over your body in battle with a vicious aggressor. Microbes, viruses, parasites and toxins can be found everywhere, sneaking into your heart.

They slip past mucous whistles in the eyes, nose and mouth, or through openings, such as wounds on the skin. They hover quietly in the air, breathing or hiding in the food you eat or the water you drink.

If pathogens enter the stomach through the mouth or nose, they must survive in the microbial torture chamber, dissolve by digestive enzymes and stir in stomach acid.

Sometimes you feel an attack almost immediately, like a cold, virus or bacterial infection. But there were also stealthy intruders.

These millions of toxins slowly and slowly poison humans with chemical warfare agents. When this happens, a few years later, when there’s cancer or heart disease, you don’t feel anything.

All of these invaders can damage your skin and other organs, weaken your body, and damage your health. To protect yourself and live a healthy life, learn how to improve your immune system.


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