2017 Strangest, Funniest, Crazy PopSci Story


This is the most magical moment of the year: the week between Christmas and New Year. The road was empty and the fridge was full of leftovers. Oh, my god, there are only three people in our office.

Although the academic world has (correctly) checked the holidays, science news is as active every week as a funeral home, but we know your appetite for an interesting story will never stop. Therefore, from Manhattan office popular office and our respective parents on the sofa and the so cold (why) we are very cold, there are 2017 stories, let’s say “how about now?

We hope you like them.

Nightmare monster from hell’s fingertips

It still bothers me.

But it also reminds me of the fact that nature has given us more celebration than we have, which has inspired a list of the world’s strangest animals. Related, I recently ranked the most mysterious buzzing in the world, which I think is probably the best job I’ve ever had.

Deer are evil

Mary beth briggs

I always knew the deer had provided us. Sarah Fecht’s story finally shows the world what I’ve always believed: the deer are the worst. (predator alarm: their first arrest.)

Monkeys have sex with deer

Rachel feltman

In other stories about deer, the sexual contact between monkeys and deer (yes, deer) really opened my eyes. This is an interesting story, not as serious as most people in the title. I promise you, you will be inspired by these monkeys. My mother said this article was a subversive social commentary? Is she right?

What’s in your head?

A review of random objects found in people’s skulls is definitely my weirdest/most amazing story of 2017. Warning: this article may convince you of something in your skull. Don’t worry, it’s all in your head.

Adjusting the golf club’s signature “thwack” sounds like a million dollars

It was my choice because it sounded completely crazy, and the golf companies spent millions of dollars adjusting the golf clubs as if they were instruments. But…

What is the worst case scenario?

Mary beth briggs

One of the more bizarre excerpts of the book, which we’ve done, tells you what your body is if you’re thrown into a volcano.


For this list, we’ll use amazon’s new waterproof Kindle to get a vote. Because I keep an e-book reader in the bathtub, because the word “wet” makes me laugh.

Imagine never eating Onions or garlic again


This is not a geek, but I like my new assistant editor shows her strange intolerance, especially because leak her guts (rather than complaints about pun) prompted a large group of people send a thank-you note to her attention to help them achieve their allium is intolerable.

Don’t tattoo your eyeballs

Billy CARDS,

Billy just said, “idk, eyeball tattoos are weird.”


Watch PopSci employees eat the world’s hottest chips

I’ve always wanted to know the attraction of people who like spicy food. I looked at this; I saw the pain that followed (more than 24 hours, no ice cream chaser). I still don’t quite understand

Strange tourists from outer space

Mary beth briggs

If I had to choose, the strangest thing for me this year was the discovery of oumuamua, the first confirmed interstellar object in our solar system. Obviously, it’s fun to go into something called strange outer space.

We will still receive an email from Big Mayo on this subject

Rachel feltman

Kendra Pierre Louis is fighting a low-key mayonnaise war, and in October offered “scientific” evidence of widespread condiments. Personally, I like Mayo. But this man, kendra, is deeply rooted. And men, we get some weird emails.


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