‘tattoo and Tiffanys’ : the Randolph street market becomes 15


This is true on the last weekend of every month in the West End of London due to the annual market of Randolph Street Market. Well, there are no mountains here, but there are music, food, community, and lots of antiques and antiques. In the Plumbing Office (West longitude 1341 degrees). Customers can find home decorations, clothes, jewelry and food. This situation has continued for 15 years.

The Chicago antique market, founded by Sally Schwartz and former partner Catherine Finley, initially started with double-digit prices, but it later grew to 300.

“For so many years, people don’t even know it,” Schwartz said. “When it started, there was no real person living in the West End of London – it didn’t have any built-in viewers, so it had to grow organically.” A lot of people come from the suburbs or around the state or the state. 

A participant can enter the market and carefully read artworks, vinyl records, books, global merchandise, and unique or hard-to-find items. During the cold months, customers shop indoors; in the warmer months, the seller will draw some places on the black roof in the gates around the buildings. Schwartz said that the market used to operate in the summer only, but it operated throughout the year 4-5 years ago. The market also provides free shipping services to customers in West Loop and Fulton. Since the establishment of the company, Schwartz believes that about 1 million people have visited the company – whether it is suppliers, customers or friends.

“If you’ve been to the market, everyone you can think of – every race, every sexual orientation, every economic background.” I always say that this is “tattoos and jewelry” because it is very low. Schwartz said. “You will meet those high-end, trendy people who want to come in and look for ancient amulets or buttons. You will meet those young people – hippies who want to collect art.” “I think this is a good place to observe people and meet people. Everyone is here because they want to go there, not because they are there because it is free.

Marydee Reynolds, owner of Saffron Vintage, believes the Randolph market is the best of its kind in the Chicago area. The antique curator/musician/vocal therapist, his booth was on the stage on the second floor of the Plumber’s Office, and as a customer came to the Randolph Market and “discovered all kinds of amazing things.” 2009 In the year, she became Randolph’s supplier. From the early 19th century to the early 20th century, she was selling products from the 19th century to Alexander McQueen.

“I thought of all the markets. Sally got a lot of people interested in buying things,” Reynolds said. She is part of the singing team and is a girl in the Golden West. “Because I was focused on hard-to-find or collectable items when I was selling wine, Randolph is the best place to go, because people will come here and look for it.” Sally attracted the treasurer/antique buyer. Randolph is also very interesting. I like to shop on my own, so even if I do not do Randolph market, I will not miss it. I always go shopping there because there are the best antiques and antiques in town. You can always find something in Randolph.

Randolph Street Market supplier Roger Krava agrees. The contemporary, modern art trader and Chicago native remembers that the west side of Randolph Street was not so shiny. However, he believes that the continued development of the region has increased the prestige of the market. Now the owner of Krava Gallery lives in Atlanta, but he still wants to return to Sally’s Randolph Street Market family.

“Suppliers are also customers,” Crava said. “Sali’s people are concerned that everyone is a customer. Everyone I know is very dedicated to her (Sally) success and fun, they want to be successful and have fun on the show. When I’m outside Chicago When talking about the Randolph Street market, they would say, “Oh, yes, I heard about this. “This is fun. I said, ‘Yes, yes.’ Good food, good people, interesting people, good hawkers, good music, a good team, they let this show begin – they really represented Chicago’s Vitality and spirit.

Schwartz said that the market atmosphere is purposeful. Depending on the season, the Lake View Hotel employs as few as 5 people and as many as 40 people, so the residents of the Lake View Hotel ensure that this month’s event has its own characteristics.

Schwartz said: “I always say that this is like a seating chart at the party: you want every table to be good.” “I hope every corner of the market has something amazing.” I hope people Feel that their eyes were opened… Feeling a happy feeling, they have found what they want. I always say that this is the ideal place for everyone, because no one will feel bored.


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