10 minutes a day: this is all you keep slim and strong


If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, you’ll know how to make yourself uncomfortable or constantly get bored with what you’re supposed to eat. You may also know that you feel guilty skipping another exercise while running or grabbing processed food. The fact is that most of us have to know what will make us keep healthy and strong – move more, eat better, but we feel depressed because of the busy schedule, and mused anxiously, such as: how will I find the time and energy to do I need to change?

I know, because I’ve been there.

I believe in regular exercise, but a few years ago I was trying to adjust to my busy life. Here, I’m prevention department’s director of fitness, most of the time sitting in front of a computer, returned home after 7 PM, scrambling to put a clean meal on the table, and then fall to bed. It’s almost impossible to squeeze into daily exercise and twice-weekly yoga classes, let alone the strength training I know I need. Every expert I spoke to and countless studies I consulted emphasized the importance of weightlifting, but I was part of 80 percent of American women who did not participate regularly.

In the end, when my body began to lose the tone and feel more vulnerable, I realized that I had to find a solution, make strength training so simple to adapt to my daily life, so it’s impossible to find an excuse for don’t do that. Studies have shown that 10 minutes of exercise is enough to do everything, including strengthen metabolism, increase the waistline, enhance the mood, so the idea of “the age of 10” – a simple strength training for 10 minutes a day – was born. This is a tool that experts know works. “People often think they need 60 minutes of exercise in the gym, feel at a loss, and never start exercising,” specific surgical hospital in New York City a sports medicine doctor Qiao Danmei Bates said. “But even with just 10 minutes of strength training per day, muscle strength and overall health can vary greatly.”

Today, more than two years and two DVDS, changed my life for ten years old, but it’s done more than that: it helps to hundreds of women lose stubborn weight, it is impossible to exercise without strict diet or (continue reading some inspiring stories!) .

Although women are weight loss and exercise the body, but they keep asking our Fit 10 teams of an important question: when can you like 10 minutes of training simply eating whole foods nutrition food?

So I worked with a nutritionist to develop a food plan, and I worked with Fit to complete 10 exercise plans to create a new plan: Fit for 10 years: slim and strong – for life! It paired a 10-minute clean meal with a new 10-minute set of tunes that can add to your body and build it up over an eight-week period. These recipes are in Pennsylvania Emmaus preventive test of the development of the kitchen, with every meal will lean protein and healthy fats and carbohydrates that are rich in nutrients together, to speed up the construction of losses of fat and muscle.

Before the program was launched, we asked a team of 15 women in the New York City area to integrate it into their lives, with crazy schedules and a family of picky eaters. The women ranged in age from 32 to 60. Everyone has their own reasons to try the plan. Some people are busy with mothers who can’t invest a lot of time in exercise or healthy eating. Others want to feel stronger and healthier than they did 10 or 20 years ago. Though they come from different backgrounds, but their motives are the same: they want as long as possible to feel healthy and young, can wake up every day full of vitality and without pain, is able to play with the children or grandchildren, and had an adventurous spirit ‘d always dreamed of. Most importantly, they want to feel strong, healthy and strong in their own bodies — not to fit into the “ideal” of others, but for themselves.

“My husband always tells me that I look good, but I don’t find it attractive,” said Anne Marie russo, 53. My mother was always thin at the age of three, but when she was in her 40s, she began to gain weight. Although she goes through three intense training camps every week, she is gaining weight and is finding it harder to run up the stairs without panting. When she went shopping for swimsuits last summer, she had enough. “I no longer feel comfortable in a two-piece suit,” she recalls. “I know I have to do something or I don’t have the health and energy to enjoy the next phase of my life.”

Within the first few weeks of planning, women began to notice the changes. For the first time I met, 59, lowry Lowell, she is a medical office manager, after a few months because of the weight of the back pain and extra sleep in her abdomen months without a good night’s sleep. After Lowell had been doing it for ten months and a month, the pain in her back disappeared, she slept soundly at night and her nervous clothes began to relax.

Women who have been competing with their weight for years have been surprised to find that they can eat well, exercise less and see results. Lisa Berliner, 51, a real estate agent, and the mother of her two teenage sons have spent the past decade trying to shake up the 20 pounds she started in her 40s. She pushes herself to calculate carbohydrates, points, or calories, and then, feeling restricted, ecstatic on high-calorie comfort foods like pizza, cake, apples and cheese. When dressing up in the morning became a daily struggle, Berlin knew she needed to change. “I hate the frustration every time I stand in front of my wardrobe trying to decide what to wear, but it’s not just fashion. I know I really need to start healthy.” With 14 pounds off, berliners feel stronger and leaner. “One day, I carried my suitcase all the way to the stairs and grand central station,” she said. “I’ve never been able to do this before and it feels great.”

Like berliners, all of our team members saw the results. Over 60 days, they lost an average of 11 pounds, some of them 15,16 or 18 pounds. Many people enjoy their 10-minute meals and daily activities so much that they stay long after the end of the plan (russians are now down 26 pounds and back to two). Although their Numbers are impressive, but they change experienced by deeper: “for a long time, I have been thinking about it, the better care of yourself, lose weight,” Lowell said he lost 13 pounds. “It’s like a crack in the ceiling needs fixing, or a dent in the car that needs fixing, and it’s always there, and it frustrates me, and the idea of getting back in shape is overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. “


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