Flash a little less at the annual gadget show.


2009 consumer electronics show January 9, 2009.
This weekend’s consumer electronics show is the industry’s annual event, with companies showing off their coolest flat-screen TVS, the smartest smartphones and the loudest video games. There are still plenty – but this year’s dire economic and GPS navigation systems are the same as stereo systems.
NPR’s Laura Sydell and host David Greene talk about how the economy affects the electronics industry, and what gadgets are creating the biggest buzz.
The MechRC is a dancing robot that appears at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. Created by the British company Kablamm, the robot is designed for education and entertainment.
According to the environmental protection electronics, interactive equipment, around the Web access design technology and does not need to wire small tools (the user can download content) is the consumer in 2009 when the most important factor in the purchase of electronic products. Consumer electronics association.
As the annual consumer electronics show, the association predicts that in 2009, the fastest growing five products will be organic light emitting diode (OLED) display, e-book reader, high-definition camera flash, netbooks – small to allow someone to surf the Internet version of the portable computer, check email and word processing of portable computer and enables users to communicate with your thermostat to control and monitor the energy use of the climate system.
Last year, four types of electronics, including digital TV, mobile phones, PCS and video, became the driving force in the industry, accounting for 70 per cent of sales, according to Shawn DuBravac, CEA economist. Sales of these categories are expected to grow in 2009, but at a slower pace.
What does green mean?
The top trend in 2009 seems to be the whole green issue. Most consumers — 59% — want to know the properties of environmental protection, make the product nearly two-thirds of consumers think the company is exaggerating its claim to the environmental protection consciousness, Steve said Mr Konig, industry analysis, director of the CEA.
“They are confused, and they are a bit suspicious of green claims,” he said. But green labels are increasingly important for consumers, especially women, who say consumers are willing to pay for green electronics.
Consumers also tend to touch and talk. The category includes equipment with motion sensors, equipment for recognizing gestures, and equipment with a 3D display. Many phones now offer touch screens and voice prompts to call friends, search directions or online restaurants. This type of interface is increasingly integrated into the touchscreen PC. Koenig said some companies are expected to launch personal computers this week with a mini-secondary screen that pops up next to them for instant messages or text messages. Lenovo and HP both plan to launch laptops with this feature.
No strings attached.
Consumers are increasingly interested in computers with no power cords or devices that allow users to connect wirelessly to other devices, such as bluetooth. It also means being able to bring your computer into non-traditional areas, like the kitchen listening to music, organizing the family calendar, helping shopping, or going to the backyard to see a movie. Electronics association, said the consumer also wants to increase the service, to enhance their experience in these devices, such as Netflix or Pandora, an Internet radio providers), or companies such as Garmin and TomTom navigation service.
Network time is on the road.
Web access to a variety of products has proven to be a constant attraction for consumers. It’s already on mobile phones and GPS devices, and it’s finding its way through Numbers and cameras and cars. The association says the rapid growth of smartphones points to consumer demand.
Prudent consumption
“Consumers will be very cautious about how they spend their money,” DuBravac said. “We think consumer spending is declining year by year,” he said, declining by 0.3% in 2009. In contrast, consumer spending rose 0.3 per cent in 2008, compared with 2.8 per cent in 2007.
But even if consumers feel nervous or family to buy a lot of products about cars, but they did not stop technical procurement: DuBravac says, they put into the amount of money in this area – in November 2008, slightly higher than the 17% compared with the consumption of other commodities, its life persists for more than one use spending since the 1960 s has been not so high.
Netbook charm
Journalists gathered on some of the latest netbooks, which can also be rotated or rotated. Many of these computers have not yet been put on the market. For consumers, schools and business travellers: the screen size is less than 10 inches, the entire keyboard and price tag is less than $500 — less than half the price Apple charges for its 13-inch MacBook.


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