The rise of yeast: how can civilization be shaped by sugar fungi?


The rise of yeast: how can civilization be shaped by sugar fungi?
Kurt Vonnegut’s 1973 novel champion breakfast featured two kinds of imaginary conversations between yeast cells. “They are discussing the possible purpose of life,” vonnegut writes. If this is not absurd, their existentialist seminars take place in a strange, depressing context, “because they eat sugar and suffocate in their own feces.” They had no idea that their little yeast life had an important, human-centered purpose. “Because of their limited intelligence, they never came close to guessing that they were making champagne.”
In addition to the yeast fermentation and the bread it offers, single-celled fungi have symbolic fingers in all the important products of history. Recently published book “the origin of the yeast, author of” Nicholas said money, yeast is important for many different things, it is called “a secular divinity, a kind of is exalted and the warmth of the sun”.
In the whole “rise of yeast: how sugar fungi shape civilization,” money points to many contributions. Here are some surprising places where yeast changes our diet and lifestyle:
Fermentation may induce the nomadic community to settle down.
For a long time, humans often went to search for food, not to plant it. And it worked so well that anthropologists wondered why people started to settle down in one place. One of the benefits of building a nest is to grow grapes and grains and stay long enough to make a drink, like beer and wine, for weeks or months. “Some people think this is the reason why civilization began to line up the golden fields and vines in the mountains,” qian wrote.
On that day, the beer bubble helped to develop several pieces of bread.
It is not entirely clear how Egypt’s first batch of fermented bread began to mix with yeast. If the dough is long enough, the way the sour dough works, the wild yeast will grow on its own. In Roman times, however, Pliny elders wrote the bread dough and incorporated the beer foam into the lightweight. Some of Europe’s early commercial yeasts also relied on beer byproducts to get the help of microbes, but today’s bread yeast is made up of individual specialized strains.
Yeast promotes chocolate and coffee.
After harvest, the beans and beans are fermented, and the yeast is fermented around the sugar around the beans. The bacteria also play a role in the process, and the yeast leaves the flavor compounds that make it the ultimate coffee and chocolate. The researchers found that the beans left in the yeast were acidic, smelly, and some yeast could provide caramel coffee.
Microbial outbreaks of fermentable camellia bacteria include more than one kind of yeast.
“Split yeast, yeast, other yeasts and associated bacteria take up a thick, thick slice called the zoogleal pad sitting on the fermented tea,” Money writes. Another name for the Zoogleal mat, SCOBY, stands for “symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast.”
The kind of “shit” that vonnegut refers to as suffocating? It limits the amount of alcohol in wine and beer.
Behind every adult drink is a spicy yeast that breaks the sugar and produces alcohol. For yeast, wine is more than just a wine – it’s a waste, and it’s also a protection against other microbes that don’t tolerate hard liquor. The money says, take the palm wine. It is made from palm SAP and the wild yeast in the air can complete all fermentation. At first, the circus of different yeasts jumped into the SAP, fermenting their hearts, swallowing the sugar in their juices, releasing carbon dioxide and alcohol. Different yeast strains are tolerant to different levels of alcohol, so yeasts with the highest alcohol tolerance are yeast strains, which quickly won out. “It cleared the scene and made sure it had special sugar,” the money said. But even if the winners succumb to their own alcohol, the alcohol level is high.
For humans, this means that any beverage that is above 15% alcohol needs to be distilled, or genetically engineered yeast, which can tolerate higher levels of alcohol. With more time to discuss their life goals, the new super monsters are talking about anyone’s guess.


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