Bravo’s latest reality show: ‘sunset shah’


Bravo’s latest reality show: ‘sunset shah’
Once the reality of Persian America means escaping the post-revolutionary Iran. Now it also means being part of the American reality television culture. Ryan seacrest worked with bravo to make the sunset shahe-this is a reality show about the rich lifestyles of Persian americans in Beverly hills.
For all the difficult relations between the United States and Iran, the two countries have many ties, including millions of iranian-americans. Ryan seacrest and bravo made them the focus of a new reality show called “the god of the sunset”. It examines some of the lavish lifestyles of the iranian-american community in southern California. NPR’s Amy walters reports.AMY WALTERS, wired: one of the perks of being on a reality TV show is that you can control your community image, better or worse — an Italian — an American party in New Jersey. A housewife from anywhere; Now, Persian americans from Beverly hills.
(SOUNDBITE of TV show, “sunset beach”)
Unidentified female # 1: I don’t like ugly people.
Unidentified singer :(singing) we love Los Angeles.
(SOUNDBITE of TV show, “sunset beach”)
Unidentified female # 2: image is everything in our community. For example, I might spend more money on my handbag than my rent because more people will see my wallet than my crib.
REZA FARAHAN: hello, we’re Persian.
Walters said that the bravo audience would like the characters, said President Francis bellick.
FRANCES BERWICK: they lead the ideal lifestyle. They live in a good house. They are in many ways the eyes of bravo bulls.
Unknown singer (singing) Tehrangeles…
(SOUNDBITE of TV show, “sunset beach”)
ASA SOLTAN RAHMATI: the Persian says LA Tehrangeles, because Los Angeles is the most populated Persian outside of Iran. This is huge.
Walters: in 1979, the Iranian revolution ended shah’s rule. Many successful iranians fear that the new islamic regime will be persecuted, and that their small communities in southern California are growing. “The god of the sunset” tells the story of their children.
AVID BOUSTANI: what they show on the show doesn’t represent the majority of iranians – americans, especially the next generation.
Walters: Avid Boustani is in his 30s, with a degree from MIT and Berkeley. He joined many Iranian americans to criticize the program.
BOUSTANI: I believe one of them says that we have all the land – or all the buildings.
(SOUNDBITE of TV show, “sunset beach”)
Unknown person: we do not work on the building; We have them.
BOUSTANI: did anyone with the right intelligence say that?
WALTERS: they say on the sunset shah.
Asa Soltan Rahmati is one of the artistic qualities of the show. She heard the criticism and responded to the Persian proverb.
RAHMATI: if the mirror shows your true face, don’t break the mirror and break yourself. This is a good reflection of the iranians, especially in Los Angeles, so I don’t know why everyone tripped.
Ferrari Abraham: if people watch the show and that I represent each of the persians, they will think every persians is super fly, and like a lot of gold, but I don’t think so.
WALTERS: Reza Farahan wears designer clothes and ends with a handsome moustache. He wanted to show the world a gay and happy middle eastern man.
Farahan: what did someone say, why didn’t they find a group of scholars, dentists or doctors? Because it would be boring.
WALTERS: boring, reality show poison. But what about reality? Are Persian americans not just super flying? Let’s ask Younes Nazarian. He arrived in Beverly hills in 1979, and now he has established a big business. Heard about qualcomm?
NAZARIAN: we have students, engineers and doctors. And the factory and the company – their head or second person, the third person is Iranian.
Walters: that’s true. Iranian-americans make more money than the average American. They also had better education. As for religion, most people are divided between Islam – not any religion. The others were jews, christians, zoroastrians and baha ‘ai. Cultural heritage is important to this community. Siamak Gharhemani created the first Iranian film festival in Los Angeles.
SIAMAK GHARHEMANI: at the end of the day, it’s good to be in a country — let’s be whoever we want to be, even if it’s something most of us don’t like. But at least I’m not afraid to be imprisoned, killed or punished.


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