Bond gadget time test (but not physics)


Bond gadget time test (but not physics)

James Bond – the franchise, that is, 50. But if 007 wakes up in a few years, his gadgets will never grow old.

Throughout the series, the creator always brings the wild equipment to bond, bringing his mission – and usually takes more creative license than they need. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson tells NPR’s David Greene that they have come up with creative and prescient works that are the least likely to be the worst in the real world.

Tyson and Greene, mining the bond the best device listing, determine which tool is proved scientific and feasible, the actual inspection tools, even in discussing why his gadgets are still relevant today.

Interview window

In bond’s ‘Live And Let Die’ watch, the magnetic field is strong enough to deflect bullets from a distance.

“When I was young, of course – but I know that everyone is looking at the bullet is made of lead, lead is not magnetic, so you don’t use your magnetic device deflecting bullets, sorry – well, if the bullet is made of nickel or cobalt and iron, so maybe it can do something, but no! Screwed up. “”

A high enough frequency is emitted on the twisted ring to destroy the glass.

“If you find the resonant frequency, rigid and fragile things will break, this is material to the frequency of the vibration – if you do, and then increase the volume, you can crush it, but all this is real. You can take it to your ring – it’s a little hard, but it’s James Bond, so he’s got something you don’t know. ”

In ‘gone’, the aston Martin model is “unmatched”

“I want one of them, no matter if it is aston Martin, I mean, first of all, there are some invisible things in the world, they are known as transparent, good, glass for the light we see is essentially invisible to other forms of light, such as ultraviolet or infrared invisible, car must be from your side on the other side of the camera look at every possible Angle, haven’t figure out how to do it now. ”

What could he have created for James Bond if he had the chance?

“You know, I didn’t think of this, I want to – well, bond coolie attractive is that they are using some of the things you already know, and let it become extreme, forcing you to say, ‘yes, that can happen, even if it had to violate some some laws in physics.


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