Before the invasion, crash courses in sensitive training: “before we disappear”



Before the invasion, crash courses in sensitive training: “before we disappear”

What is love?

Before we disappear, this question is more complex than usual, and the twentieth feature of Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa becomes more complicated if he is disorganized and overworked. This is a satire of aggression and the affirmation of an invasion of physical robbery.

The man who raised the question was Ryuhei Matsuda – or an alien who had just mastered the form of the real. The constant new man was suddenly clinical, curious, and uncertain, so his lost wife took him to the doctor. Michelle doesn’t particularly want her husband back. Their marriage was rotten, and Shinji was more of a human being, and Narumi began to like new models more than ever.

The real heir is one of the three advance scouts for the alien conquest of mankind, and is a “common species”. The first is the most violent team (yuri changsong). After the initial miscalculation, it was a cruel crime to shake the girl’s body. This led akira kurosawa’s past as the opening sequence of a horror film director, a wrong direction.

The final arrival of the star patrol was the most useful function of a human being. He was recruited as “mentor” by takino Mahiro, a cynical journalist who had just been assigned to look for a move. This is good for the wild, who should meet the other two scouts, but don’t know where they are. Why don’t aliens have better communication systems? This is one of the many practical problems that movies ignore.

For no reason, visitors are studying people’s basic “ideas” : work, self, family, ownership, and, of course, love. The wrinkle is that when an alien “collects” this information from someone, it disappears from that person’s understanding. In the context of Japanese culture built around the concepts of work and family, this behavior is both destructive and interesting.

Before the “we disappear”, the original script of chuanyouhong was adapted, and the thought of aliens must have played a central role. The film includes scenes that are difficult to present on the stage: machine-gun fire, fighter jets, and other computer-generated businesses. These are not the highlights of movies that use curious aliens to quietly question human values.

Although the 130-minute shrinkage may improve before we disappear, this version may lose its appeal. Japan’s original title is like “an intruder’s walk”, which captures the rhythm and structure of the film. It also made it clear that Japan was an invaded country, a subject that was cited by the us military.

The director said the story must be placed in a nearby U.S. military base. In the early days of the film, the cameras observed a bilingual protest slogan, whose English text demanded “American troops out”! Other western influences are representative of Yusuke Hayashi’s European classical style score and Christian church representative, Narumi with Shinji to find the meaning of love.

Of course, what the priests offer is Paul’s definition of the former corinthians: “love is patient, love is kind, and so on. Later, after the collapse of a society that was almost demanded in kurosawa’s film, it was like a survivor who was faithful to another survivor.

That’s love and that’s family.


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