Innovation: a small tool that robs eggs in the shell.


Innovation: a small tool that robs eggs in the shell.

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If the egg mixer works as promised, your eggs will come out of the shell, and the yolks and eggs will be mixed. You can use the method of soft or soft boil, fry, stirring, or turn them into creators Geraint Krumpe so-called “golden eggs”, when the egg appeared, the egg was named the egg yellow, a soft yellow.

“I was fired from a company that had worked for me for 11 years,” says Krumpe. When asked how it all started. “So I have to be creative.”

Krumpe, who founded a product design company, was browsing YouTube video last year for inspiration. “I found a scientist spinning eggs in the sleeves of video, so I said,” I have to try this, “he said.” I stayed up late, broke a bunch of eggs and tried to get them to work.

Eleven months later, after extensive development and testing, Krumpe and his company released what he called the “golden goose” kitchen creation. It rotates back and forth through the egg, mixing the egg yolks and eggs without introducing any outside air. A soft cradle lays the eggs and keeps the center in place to prevent movement interruptions.

The device stirred an egg inside the shell in 15 seconds.

“You did not enter any external air or other gas into a mixture of protein and fat, it allows this chemical has the benefits of cooking, because according to the temperature and time of egg, you can realize a series of different flavor characteristics, and even different color,” said Krumpe.

Imagine all the golden eggs! Krumpe tells us that a hard-boiled egg comes out like a delicious cream cake. If you just beat the egg on the shell and then break it into the pan, you can create a delicious scrambled egg dish because you’ve never stirred in the air outside. In addition, there is a little washing up.

“So you don’t have to wash your fork and bowl, and it’s recommended that you spend a lot of time cooking a cook, putting eggs in the fridge for breakfast or baking. It doesn’t require much effort, it’s the best way to compete, “Krumpe said.

The invention has received financial support, with more than $60,000 in support from 1,800 supporters, well above its $34,500 fund-raising target.

Now with the money, it plans to make equipment for donors this summer and then bring the goose directly to the consumer. Krumpe said the retail price would be around $24, but could not be sold as early as November.

Check out your Kickstarter page, but if you’re hungry, there’s a warning: it contains many photos of delicious egg dishes.


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