After 10 years of rising, “iron king” asks: now?


After 10 years of rising, “iron king” asks: now?

It’s been a decade of war.

In piers brown’s “red” universe, three books of slaves began to rebel, and then they were brought into the stars to become heroes, to become gods, to become myths, almost to win. Mars and earth and luna have been freed from the domination of the golden ruling class. The green fields of mercury (just… Have won a million lives. Venus is now the remaining fortress of the grey Lord, a relic of the old order. It’s just a final epic battle, right? So victory, sweetness and eternity.


There is no way to Fans from books, if you are brown (you should), then you have become accustomed to what he said in the past few years complex, distinct, incredible human story. Betrayal of war and honor and pity and regret, somehow, it is almost impossible) grafted on to an almost naive simple space frame the Romans who launch pew laser gun battle as the size of the solar system or something.

And if you’re not a fan – if you’re going to be cold to this strange place – then I can’t explain to you the epic that brown has made. There are one hundred people, have a like Victra, Cassius or The Jackal such a stupid name, there are hundreds of battle, all read like your wildest science fiction come true on The page.

But the central problem is that a 16-year-old slave on Mars, Darrow, himself became the leader of a revolution that became a rebellion in the solar system. Darrow became the reaper – a leader, a legend, the most deadly thing on both legs. The men and women who fought with him, like the angry little angels, were in the world, and were all bloodstained, and avenged the king and the queen.

If it sounds like I’m sneaky or sneering here, I’m definitely not. I for each of these books is like a nerd, even more like their absolute, excessive skits, their soap opera plot, and brown remains unapologetic keen to put all the things a push to 11, forever. Even his quiet moments are quiet. Even his peace may have a snake somewhere.

But his latest “iron gold” is another matter. This is his key book – his series (which is nearly 2000 pages long) has to do something new (familiar, sci-fi fan). Because we have darrow’s youth. Our power and his war have risen. The last book, “the morning star”, was darrow at his peak, crushing the power of his enemies, not only as a hero, but also as a legend. Although a smaller author will keep things going, and direct his good people into battle and victory, brown is not a smaller author. Instead, he did something unusual.

He wrote a new book about others.

He told of a young girl in a refugee camp who had been rescued from slavery and freed from the rebellion of her and her family.

He told of an old soldier, wounded and weary of darrow’s war. A man who gave up the war and turned away from the past and all the glory.

He did it as an exiled prince – an enemy, a man running away, hiding.

Of course, he did it to darrow. And his best friend, severo. And the growler, the mustang and the dancer, and all the old names that everyone expects, are of course most (and preferably… ) this is about the rest of the people who are at a disadvantage because of darrow and their war.

The old hero was still there – the reaper grew up, tired, haunted by all the killings and deaths in his name. Once a man is willing to take risks, because he has nothing to lose, now he has a wife, a child, a friend, a family, a power. In this state, he was forced to confront an uncomfortable question: would he be safe if he saw it? If he did get peace, what would he do, the god of war?

But in the most important aspect, brown chose to give his narrative to those who have been forgotten by most of the war stories: the homeless, the homeless, the broken. He allows us to force us to really see that our heroes are nonexistent, and that the reapers are made in the eyes of the world apart from those who forge it. He asked, through them, so… Is it worth it?


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