Simple repair of muscle tightness.


Simple repair of muscle tightness.

There is nothing to make kibosh a runner’s high, not a cramp, stitches or other sudden pain. Mary – Catherine Fleming (Mary – Katherine Fleming) said that although this can happen in a game, but on the race day, this kind of situation tend to be more common, especially if you stubbornly execution game plan, regardless of your training, weather, terrain or physical condition, a running coach in Denver. If one of the pain attacks, pull to one side of the course and try one of the simple fixes. Trying to solve a problem can cause harm, so don’t do it! If the problem persists or worsens, stop running and go to a medical tent.

How does it feel: tightness between the shoulder blades?

Why: the pain associated with hip dislocation, and the main affect postpartum women: many people do not have a full recovery, contributed to their cats and dogs before bone movement, which put pressure on back and shoulders. Others may shrug their shoulders, head forward, and pressure their upper back muscles.

Solution: try big, backward shoulders while running. If the pain does not recede, remove your gloves and place your fingers and palms against your back. Be as tall as you can, then gently bend your hips back until you feel a stretch in your upper back.

How do you feel: sharp pain in your feet – can you feel your arch up?

Why it happens: the cramp’s foot can be used to regulate the body – chemicals like muscle contractions by causing an imbalance in the electrolyte. When you lose too much of these nutrients, your body’s electrical impulses may be out of control, causing muscle cramps and cramps. The foot spasm can also indicate muscle fatigue, somerset says, because repeated bending and lengthening of the foot can lead to muscle overtime during longer RACES.

Solution: stand tall and still. Keep your shoes, transfer your weight to your narrow feet, and press in as much as you can. If it helps, focus on distracting your toes. If necessary, lift the other foot off the ground and stand on one leg. Apply the weight of the body to the affected foot for up to one minute.

The calf cramps

How do you feel: slight pain or tension in the calf?

Why such a thing will happen: Fleming said, there are two potential culprits: electrolyte imbalance and you are still in the transition of shoes – especially those who “fell” (heel height difference and the height of the front foot) of shoes.

Solution: if you feel a cramp in your left calf, push your right foot forward and use your front leg to parallel to the ground. Hold it, then step backward, walk four or five steps, and repeat it several times on the same side.

Side of the needle

How does it feel: pungent stabbing pain in the ribs, usually only on one side?

Why this can happen: according to the alberta, Edmonton, an exercise physiologist CSCS Dean of Somerset, “usually, if someone is cramping, they will use priority on the other side of the muscles, rather than the people who help to breathe.

Solution: when standing, take a few deep breaths, then press the two fingers directly into the affected area. When you apply pressure, take a deep breath and lean from your hips to the other side. Hold for a few seconds or until the pain subsides.


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