My client is incarcerated in guantanamo for a third of his life.


My client is incarcerated in guantanamo for a third of his life.

It represents the last detainee in guantanamo, Sharqawi Al Hajj, a 43-year-old man from yemen who has been in prison for 15 years and plans to remain in guantanamo indefinitely. He recently gave me a small handicraft he made at guantanamo. This is an amazing thing that should make me marvel at human perseverance. Instead, I saw a man think that he will die in guantanamo, in green plastic mane Pierce the pipeline cleaner production branches, in order to prevent the collapse of his thoughts, in contrast to some other trapped detainees sit together, never see not to narrow the real object.

In 2004, after he was held in guantanamo, the interrogators tried to beat his confession in the cia’s territory. Since he transferred to guantanamo in the years, the government has no fees, in part because it never accused him of anything involved in any constitute war crimes, and because he is much of the information comes from torture to him. In 2011, a federal judge found that he was “patented… Force of body and mind “- beating regularly, get an electric shock threat, isolation for a long time to complete darkness, deafness – as well as the trial government wanted words are used to prove that he was detained reason stain and unreliable.

If, at the art lesson shaka d can at guantanamo to draw his before and after treatment, so they may become strange and stiff, but not as reassuring as landscapes and still lifes, he can only draw. Today, he might just paint a tortured character, wandering aimlessly around a high wall and living on the other side.

On January 11, the prison open the 16th anniversary of shaka peacekeeping 10 other guantanamo detainees to their ongoing detention, puts forward a new court permanent nature of bit trump has never been clear. They court in Washington, d.c., area of the challenges from the lawyer that constant status quo is untenable – according to another time they accused who was detained for more than 15 years, no more evidence than in negligence cases, is arbitrary and illegal. They argued that the war law had traditionally allowed combatants to be detained before hostilities had ended, which would not have prevented them from being arbitrary.

No matter the President, men bring challenges. But in trump, they and the harm of millions of ordinary muslims in other parts of the analysis, to promote the policy in other fields, these foreign Muslim without court intervention, there is no protection. As a candidate, Mr Trump has long preached that guantanamo should not be transferred any more, in fact, his government’s actual policy for a year.

In a mostly empty prison, he was handcuffed to the floor of an art class and smashed by prisoners.

The argument of men – their continued detention is arbitrary and without justification – means that such detention has no other purpose or effect, but rather a punishment. In fact, guantanamo detention is not about revenge and punishment, but about the soldiers from the battlefield to remove – the only legitimate, wartime detention non – the purpose of punitive flew in front of the history of the prison. After the Sept. 11 attacks, the United States made it clear that it wanted to “do justice to its enemies” and pay the price. The detainees at guantanamo, who were blindfolded and overthrown, were considered the men involved in the 9/11 attacks to ensure that they were not treated with tolerance. Full proof that the man was detained on the condition that he spoke:

When rumours trump the cia chief officer Tom Brian (Tom Cotton) in 2015, the senate, said every last detainees may “rot in hell,” only then will they “rot in guantanamo bay, he knew that held at guantanamo bay has been not just a place, but a place where people exiled. When Mr Trump vowed to send more detainees to guantanamo, guantanamo was still a Muslim prison, and the suspects were stripped of their rights. Today than at guantanamo detention punishment nature can’t approve the remaining five released from guantanamo detainees (including 28 detained, was imprisoned for years) and some of the more obvious. They don’t have any military reasons to stay in prison,

Sharqawi did not know that he might not believe his request to the court would save him. He has been to court before. But in this day and age, he says that this action is his last hope, that he needs to keep his hope alive.


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