What if the weighted GPA is meaningless?

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What if the weighted GPA is meaningless?

Ask a high school student who is applying to a competitive college, and you might hear that the average score is higher than 4.0, maybe close to 5.0. The last generation of 4.0 was seen as a slacker’s GPA.

The reason, of course, is the importance of high school GPA. In general, A’s value is more than 4.0 – perhaps an honors course, A college course or other category that is worth half or all of the points.

High school in different ways, high GPA is considered a way to recruit students. It can be said that when the number of people applying for a high school is close to 5.0, such statistics are of little help to anyone. Some universities have made it clear in their reports that they immediately delete the weights. When the university of California, Berkeley, reported the applicant’s average GPA, even though many applicants would no doubt think they had a 4.43 or higher number, they would cite an unweighted (3.67).

This fall, a high school decided to investigate whether a weighted GPA would do any good.

Welland Massachusetts high school guidance coordinator Marybeth Sacramone sent many students to top universities, the students desire to take part in all kinds of college were investigated, the school is a highly competitive institution, accept only a small number of applicants. She received responses from more than 100 such colleges. The response was consistent when asked if they would be harmed if their GPA was weighted by an end (and the transcript was clearly unweighted). University officials say it won’t make any difference, and many say they have already removed the weight before considering the applicants’ results.

In welland, the current practice is to add points to courses that are designated as honors courses or AP courses.

She said the principal (and former President) wanted her to study the issue from several issues.

One is that schools are proud to offer high quality courses – a great number of pre-university courses – because they are normal and do not qualify for bonus points. Sacramone said she and her colleagues often and talk to students who interested in these courses expressed, but then they said they can not do this, because worried that it will lower their GPA, even if they got the answer.

“Students don’t choose the course they want because of their GPA,” says Mr. If so, that would be a mistake.

Another concern, she says, is student pressure. In theory, she says, weighted average scores can reduce stress and ensure that students choose the most rigorous courses to get their work approved. But she said the requirement to get as close as possible to a 5.0 GPA seemed to add to the pressure. She doesn’t think anyone is more relaxed.

‘senior officials will now consider whether to end the weighting,’ said Mr. Sacramone.

NACAC guidelines and research.

In its new “good practice statement”, the national association of higher education admissions says the key issue is transparency so that universities can assess the meaning of transcripts and GPA.

Statement said that high school should be “on the general situation of the transcripts or school school to describe their level or any other representative of the students’ progress, the method of distribution of their performance, weight course policy and repetition, and whether all course grades transcript is equal to the report, and incorporated into the cumulative GPA calculation. ”

David Hawkins, executive director of education content and policy at NACAC, said in an email that when the association studied the problem, it found that students in high school had no advantage.

“There are as many methods and sizes as there are in high school,” he said. – about half – “so, most of the university is, in fact, to readjust the GPA, and even have to figure it out, so at least some information to support high school can pay big money to arrange GPA ideas they think best represents the students’ work, but the university is keenly aware of these efforts, there are often” countermeasures “to let them to cut off the noise produced by this change.


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