The tarrant county school suspended astronomy after talking about the Koran in the dark, wearing a scarf over his face.


The tarrant county school suspended astronomy after talking about the Koran in the dark, wearing a scarf over his face.

In a classroom last week, the talant county college in Texas was reported to have had an astronomy teacher with his head, face and hands hidden, lights out and talks about Islam.

Some students said they thought the incident was a joke. But others were intimidated and called the police. Campus staff searched and questioned Daniel Mashburn, the coach, but did not arrest him.

“I thought it was going to be a little different this year,” Mashburn told police, according to a student video Shared with local news station KDFW.

Mashburn is not the first to open a new term in an unorthodox way. Columbia University in 2013 to review the behaviour of a physics professor, for example, in his deprived of Lil Wayne “gaudeamus”, in the picture of the September 11, “execution” in quantum mechanics class a plush toys.

The Columbia professor, Emlyn Hughes, saved his job and some supporters urged his critics to remain open. Open mind, in fact, is the key of the course, hughes said at the beginning of the class, warned the students “study of quantum mechanics, you must get rid of your raw material, put all the rubbish erased from your brain and start again”.

It is not clear what academic links Mr Mashburn’s behaviour has with the solar system. He did not respond to a request for comment on the weekend.

Last week, he in an interview on the balcony of the apartment tell KDFW, on the balcony of his apartment still wearing a hat, scarf and gloves, “so, this class is about astronomy, is about the stars, and the Koran is about stars. “This is the book of stars, the book of love, the book of life.”

When asked why he covered his face, head and hands, Mashburn said it was customary in many countries to do so. He said he kept his philosophy of teaching “secret” while interviewing him.

“I do my best, but I’m tired of hiding in the shadows, I’m tired of being afraid of their laws, and I’m afraid of god,” mashburn said. He added: “I don’t know why they are afraid of me, why are they afraid of, I am a man hands covering her face, in addition to the Koran, and the universe, I have nothing to you. The universe is in my hands, you can see. ”

According to the student’s report, mashben was in his pocket and fidgeting in class. The police found no weapons. Most students leave the classroom. Some stayed until the end of the meeting, and mashben moved outdoors.

Since then, the college has assigned the course to a new faculty member. A spokesman for the college said Mashburn was suspended from teaching pending the results of an investigation into his conduct. This is his second semester as a subsidiary of tarrant county. According to his LinkedIn profile, Mashburn worked in tarrant county for an additional term, as a teaching assistant, as a teaching and research associate at the university of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, received a master’s degree in physics at the same time, it was not until 2015.

A widely followed policy by the American association of university professors says professors should be removed from the classroom only if they are conducting an investigation of their behavior, or they pose a security risk.


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