Elon musk’s Flamethrowers sell like hot cakes.


Elon musk’s Flamethrowers sell like hot cakes.

The sick man asked a lamp? Trying to put the spark back into your life?

One solution: buy yourself a flamethrower. If you want to burn a hole in your pocket, Elon Musk’s Boring Company sells $500 (plus taxes and freight), and all the signs are that they are growing fast. Musk has been sending orders to thousands of homes, and he recently put the number at 7,000. Tesla and the founder of SpaceX say he plans to sell $20,000, which appears to be a fundraiser for his tunneling company.

The product fulfilled his December promise. If he sold fifty thousand boring company hats, he would sell flamethrowers. This goal has been achieved, and the flame thrower was launched a few days ago. Musk then posted a video on one of his toys, which he ran in his office, which seemed to shoot a flame several feet high. Another video shows a man and a woman holding a flamethrower, looking both excited and nervous.

As The Verge points out, The flamethrower appears to be an Airsoft spray gun modified with a fuel tank and a nozzle. Other specifications of the flamethrower, such as the amount of fuel it can hold and the distance that can be emitted are currently unavailable. Musk said it should start shipping in the spring.

If the flamethrower seems to be dubious legality, don’t worry, they are legal in most states. An exception to California, seems to be the headquarters of the) (boring, including health and safety laws and regulations prohibited, 12750-12761 “any non stationary and mobile equipment design or intention of emissions or promote the burning of combustible or flammable liquid flow to at least 10 feet”, no license, can be gained from the fire department. The musk device seems to be squeezed under this definition because the flame is only a few feet away.

However, he is not the first to commercialize a flame thrower. Ion Productions of Ohio launched Indiegogo in 2015 to support its XM42 flamethrower. The company says its devices can fire up to 25 feet of flame and run a three-and-a-half-minute backpack with fuel. The latest version sells for $1,099. If it’s too expensive, you can make it yourself, though the estimated cost is $450 – just a little cheaper than musk.

As for why you might want a flamethrower (except for obvious cooling factors), musk recommends roasted nuts. To match his fiery accessories, he can buy a companion fire extinguisher for just $30. If you are considering buying a new flame toy, we recommend the whole package.


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