California’s senate has approved an abortion on campus.

If a bill in the California Legislature become law, campus health centers at public universities would be required to provide abortion pills.

California’s senate has approved an abortion on campus.

Sacramento, California – California will become the first public university according to the state legislature Monday through legislation to provide medical abortion state, if the bill signed into law will mark a rare service in the university the massive expansion of the campus.

At the university of California, 34 universities or California state university campuses currently do not provide abortion services at their health centres, but instead transfer students to external providers. Some private donors, some of them anonymous donors, plan to pay up to $20 million in start-up costs, including training for ultrasound equipment and medical and billing personnel.

At the clinic, a drug is taken and the patient takes the second drug the next day. According to legislative records, drugs can cause bleeding, similar to miscarriage.

Supporters of the bill say time is crucial for women seeking medical abortion, which must take place in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Leyva says the distribution of drugs on campus will ensure women access, even if they don’t have a car or can’t include an outside appointment in their school timetable. External providers may not accept student health insurance plans.

But at Colorado state university officials worry that the liability insurance, safety improvement, medical training and medical emergency 24 hours telephone support will lead to serious charges, CSU prime minister’s office spokesman Toni the Molle said.

The Molle said: “at present, we provide basic medical services at Colorado state university medical center, but the drug management still need our staff do not have the professional level of medical center.

It is not clear how many colleges outside California can use drug abortion on campus. Marj Plumb, chief strategist at the California women’s fund, said no other state had asked campus health centers to provide abortion.

The American College Health Association (American College Health Association in 2015, a survey in 139 schools to complete the survey, only one school medical abortion services, the organization of sexual Health education and clinical nursing union chairman Joanne Brown said.

“We believe that if they just learn the need of things, and accept the training, they’ll realize it is very simple for their patients and great value”, in the San Tara foundation is responsible for an obstetrician/gynecologist Ruth Shaber said Dr. Francesco.

Shaber said the foundation for women’s health and health project, women’s foundation and other donors, California has agreed to pay the estimated at between $14 million and $20 million of the cost of execution. She and Ms. Leva declined to disclose another donor, saying the group wanted to remain anonymous.

The bill’s sponsors estimate that 10 to 17 women will seek medical abortions every month on every UC campus, with nine to 15 women in each CSU school.


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