Suggestion: why is it difficult to find a voluntary place?


Suggestion: why is it difficult to find a voluntary place?

Smart ways to match your interests and skills to the group that needs help.

I want to find a volunteer opportunity to start doing something useful for the world, but it seems that every organization makes volunteers very difficult. At least that’s my experience – maybe it’s just a single person. Any Suggestions?

DG/Los Angeles, California.

Good for you! Make 2018 a meaningful community participation year!

First, think about what you want from volunteering. Are you looking for changes in paid work, or are you more interested in using these skills? Do you want to be responsible or follow instructions? Do you want to use your brain or do your daily tasks? Do you want to work with people? What kind of time commitment can you make?

What are many other people who are bored or stressed – driving in cities, repeating data entry, talking to dementia patients, cold calls – that won’t bother you? (for paid or unpaid work, the problem is often a better way to find your niche than “your passion.”) Do you get enough in your daily life – outside, alone time, to explore different parts of the city? If you meet your multiple needs, you will remain committed to volunteering.

There are no wrong answers to these questions, except to deceive ourselves! Say no to the “opportunity” you want. You can meet a longing for a warm body, to fill the soul of a bake sale chairs, or when you mention “IT”, just know that you are their website redesign is perfect, and don’t mind if you are a database administrator. Strong point.

According to my experience, the most easy to login in a large organization, standard volunteer position, or in a smaller team more personal role, where you already have a relationship. I am the patient nursing personnel of family planning, it is a good example of the former: all escorting personnel have been the same training, wear the same vest, processing several times a year new volunteers. I also served as a member of the central plaza theatre, occasionally having a late speaker, and I attended some shows and made friends with employees and artists. That’s the fat middleman you’d like to avoid, summoning some midsize group of things you’ve never done before, and telling them you want to “help”. Except for a lucky rom-com level, anywhere.

You may have some interesting volunteer project friends, or work with volunteers, so ask around. It’s like to activate your network to help you find a job or a romantic partner, unless you have a better chance of success (if you don’t succeed, things become more strange less likely).

Also, don’t forget the simple concept of helping more people in your daily work. Instead of focusing on “good”, find specific ways to achieve your values. Let people know that you can participate in information interviews about your major, or teach them how to cook, or read their app, etc. Maybe your baby is waiting for a friend to have time for his volunteer work. Creative!


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