Five reasons to take a sauna as soon as possible.


Five reasons to take a sauna as soon as possible.

For most of us, a sauna is a luxury, a waste of self-indulgence – to be honest – we don’t have time. During the holidays, we see them in upscale hotels, and after training, we pass them on the way out of the gym.

But guess what? Taking the time to do what is known as a sauna “splurge” can change your health and even lengthen your life.

This is a group of scientists from the university of Finland whose past studies have shown that people who use a sauna often reduce the risk of early death, especially cardiovascular disease, heart disease and stroke.

Now, these researchers are figuring out why, researchers when they were published in the journal human hypertension “and” European preventive cardiology journal “on the latest study, exactly men and women of the cardiovascular system is studied in the sauna, one-time reaction. In the study, 100 men and women took turns sitting in a sauna for 30 minutes. After leaving the sauna, their average systolic blood pressure (the highest values measured when the heart beats) mm hg decline from 137 to 130 mm hg, their average diastolic blood pressure (number) in the bottom of the beat between measuring MMHG lower from 82 to 75 MMHG. What’s more impressive is that even 30 minutes after the sauna, the systolic blood pressure is still low, suggesting that regular saunas have long-term blood pressure benefits.

The scientists also measured the pulse rate of the femoral artery in men and women, an indicator of vascular dilation and contraction (called vascular compliance) and immediately improved. During the sauna, if they are doing moderate exercise such as jogging, the heart rate of men and women will increase.

Dr. Rob Danoff, a family physician in Pennsylvania, said that while this was not a reason to get rid of routine exercise, there was a reason to jump into the sauna. He said, as long as you must talk to your doctor in advance, especially if you are taking any medications, planning pregnancy, pregnant women should not use the sauna), a history of asthma or heart disease or high blood pressure. This is not to say that the sauna is essentially a disadvantage in patients with heart disease – southwest naturopathic medical school study, sauna may lead to hypertension, and congestive heart failure patients benefit – but you’d better talk to the doctor, in order to ensure safety.

For your first sauna, in order to record, should be very dry (in the study, sauna room air humidity is between 10% and 20%), arbitrarily set temperature is lower than the researchers used a 163 degrees. As time goes on, if you feel comfortable, try marking 163 degrees. Also, start with a shorter meeting and work for 30 minutes. Bonus: according to researchers, the frequency of a sauna bath is more important than the duration of the bath, because it can take years to live.

Here are four more benefits you can expect to get rid of your newfound health habits:

Better exercise recovery. If an exercise for you, will lead to the two days of staggered induced pain, please note: using the sauna therapy make blood flow can actually help alleviate the pain, so you can quickly back to the gym, a registered dietitian and certification movement and regulate Promix Nutrition Nutrition consultant, the New York laboratory, co-founder of SoHo strength Albert Matheny. He explained: “the body has its own way of recycling the waste that it accumulates. By improving the blood circulation, you are speeding out of your body.

For example, in a 2015 Springerplus study, the researchers found that the traditional sauna (stone or heater heating room) and infrared saunas (for heating) infrared light waves are improved the return of men. The researchers believe that infrared saunas are particularly likely to penetrate neuromuscular systems to promote recovery.

After your next workout, try to sit in the sauna and “warm”. Remember, when you leave the sauna, you need to rehydrate more than you normally do, he says. Consider rehydration with drinks such as juice or coconut water containing electrolytes.

Stronger immunity. Sit in the sauna and eliminate the disease. Well, this might not be so simple, but the sauna bath has been shown to strengthen the immune system, on the other hand, it can increase your body’s defensive capabilities, again cold, flu and other nasties. In fact, in a journal of human dynamics, athletes who spend 15 minutes in a sauna, their white blood cell count increases immediately, the sign of immune power.

The researchers explained that, similar to exercise, the sauna temporarily increases the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body, triggering an immune system that is on alert. It’s worth noting that this effect seems to be higher for regular exercisers than for sedentary people, so don’t let the sauna time become your only sweat.

The risk of dementia is lower. Men in the sauna rest four to seven times a week, compared with people once a week taking a sauna, a year had a 66% lower risk of any form of dementia, had a 65% lower risk of alzheimer’s disease, it shows that in 2017 and in the process of 20 years, 2315 adults aging research.

The benefits of these brain stimulations can be attributed to the effects of saunas on blood vessels and circulations. After all, studies have consistently linked cognitive decline and the development of dementia to the brain. Like heart health, frequency may exceed duration. So it is a habitual habit to take a sauna.

Improve mental health. Paul Hokemeyer, a psychotherapist in New York City, says there is nothing to keep you awake. “The greatest mental health benefit of a sauna is sitting still for a certain amount of time. “At this time, we in a close and intimate way associated with our bodies, in addition, the sauna heat by putting our consciousness into the urgency of the moment away from the chaos of the outside world, said. “For anyone with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, this is a great way to relieve yourself and change your mood and cognitive state in a relatively short period of time.”

In fact, according to another alternative medical review, saunas can help alleviate mild depression and fatigue, and are associated with improved emotional balance in patients with anorexia nervosa.

To get the maximum spiritual return for each sauna session, Dr. Michelle Robin, founder of Your Wellness Connection, recommends taking this time as a form of meditation. “In the sauna, take a deep breath, pay attention to your surroundings, and notice how you feel,” she says. “Do a yoga pose or stretch; You’re calming your hormones, taking a moment to unplug and lower your life’s edge.


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